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Speak up for yourself and others.

From Conversations to Action Using the IPP

Shares real life stories about how people with developmental disabilities set personal goals and use their Individual Program Plan (IPP) to achieve them.



Making My Own Choices

Helps with making important choices in life such as, going places in the community, having a job, being with friends and feeling safe. It can be used to explain personal choices at planning meetings.



Picture Sticker Book

This booklet has been developed to be used with Making My Own Choices. This can also be used with other projects that will enhance persons' independence and choice. Please note: Pages of the Picture Sticker Book can be printed using 2½ × 2½ inch square label sheets.



Recommendations for Satisfaction Surveys

A guide developed by CAC members for anyone in the developmental disabilities field conducting surveys with people with developmental disabilities.


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Consumer Guide to the Lanterman Act

Explains the California law that says people with developmental disabilities and their families have a right to services and supports they need.