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About BRC

BRC is committed to its founding principle of Making Complex Ideas Simple sm. We assist organizations, groups and individuals to transform their approach to leadership by integrating effective policies and practical person-centered services based on the ideal of inclusion.

A California-based consulting organization that serves state, national and international agencies, The Board Resource Center (BRC) has expertise in developing and facilitating trainings, instructional materials and media using accessible formats to assure broad usability and application by the end-users.

BRC’s clients range from national associations and state government departments, to large regional agencies, small nonprofits, schools and advocacy groups — all of which have chosen BRC to help them achieve a diverse set of organizational and advocacy goals.

Engagement with our clients and their stakeholders is a key component in our success formula. By promoting an atmosphere of collaboration to enhance informed decision-making, we develop partnerships among those who provide or disseminate services, their clientele and, ultimately, the end-users of tools we develop. As a result, we have cultivated an approach that can be applied effectively across a range of audiences using simple, yet essential, elements:

• Think – Plan – Dosm

A strategic decision-making process for reflection, preparation and achievement.

• Adapted informational media

Customized design of written and digitized materials using plain language, graphic illustration, accessible formats and electronic medium.

• Focus on sustainable change

Inclusion, Connection, Transformationsm