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Advocacy Services

BRC honors the guiding principle “Nothing about us, without us.” We work with state, national and international organizations that further basic rights of all persons with an emphasis on advancing quality of life for people with disabilities, seniors and those with function and access needs. They include but are not limited to: the right not to be discriminated against because of race, religion or other factors; the right to privacy; the right to work in safe conditions; the right to be paid a livable wage; the right to be treated with respect and dignity; and the right to be safe in emergency situations.


We focus on developing inclusive approaches and innovative tools that advance personal, policy and legislative advocacy for community groups, state and national organizations. With guidance from client organizations, we develop models to increase grassroots and system-wide change to further human rights and quality services.


Typical outcomes include: People increase their personal power and participation in decisions and policy-making at the organizational and legislative levels. People gain confidence in their power, learn leadership strategies and use these tools to effectively express opinions and organize to address issues of concern. Statewide advocacy networks effectively engage people at the local level.