Debbie Presents

Our Mission

BRC contributes to the inclusion and self-determination of persons with diverse abilities in decision-making, advocacy and governance activities.

We seek to reach all individuals, particularly those with difficulties reading or understanding, or those who may be discounted because traditional information delivery systems and dominant cultures have excluded them from engagement.

Our work helps increase the capacity of individuals to engage in civic life and organizations to meet the needs of those they serve by providing training, facilitation, coaching and customized tools. BRC’s services become the bridge for those whose skills may not be up to the requirements of an increasingly complex information society and increases the capacity of the public agencies designed to serve them.

Our History

BRC has its roots as a division of The SCILS Group, a recognized nonprofit inclusion consulting group. Since 1977, The SCILS Group ( has provided training, facilitation and strategic intervention for service agencies, school districts, families and adults to promote person-centered systems and community inclusion for children and adults with disabilities.

Recognizing an essential need, the organization expanded its vision to address the larger community, including private sector business, boards of directors, schools and government entities. Since the mid 1990s, BRC has operated independently, providing successful consultation to a wide array of national and California organizations, businesses and agencies to foster innovation and implement change.

In 1995 a legal requirement mandated California’s Regional Centers, a system of 21 large nonprofit corporations, establish governing bodies consisting of no less than 25 percent membership from the population they serve. BRC was called upon, along with United Way of Greater Los Angeles Kellogg Training Center, to develop the first training of its kind to provide accessible and easy-to-understand information on fiscal responsibility, governance accountability and leadership development. Since then BRC has created its signature training approach, adapted informational materials, and state-of-the-art media tools that continue to address this need. To view the BRC Boards for All training series, click here.