BRC Advisors

The BRC Advisory Group includes a number of dynamic Californians who provide guidance and constructive review of BRC training methodology and field test tools. Sharing their life and professional experiences and connecting with community networks to survey peers and service providers, our advisors strengthen the authenticity of BRC’s work. To advance BRC innovation, advisory group members are pursuing leadership goals that add to their community networks as well as lend to BRC’s continued social relevance.

The BRC Advisory Group will expand to include representation from a range of community constituencies and clientele — small businesses, nonprofit corporations and financial institutions. They too will contribute to BRC’s mission, ascertainment of community needs and aspirations, and future ambition of establishing a micro-financing consortium to assist people to pursue dreams of developing a small business.

Because employment is vital to self-sufficiency of all persons, the Advisory Group will evolve to provide guidance and clarity that ensures BRC is current and effective in its consulting and product development. Job opportunities remain remote to most people with disabilities and financial services needed for self-employment and micro-enterprise are typically unavailable to low income individuals. By joining the worldwide movement whose object is to provide low income households access to appropriate financial services, BRC, with leadership from its Advisory Group, seeks to establish micro-lending services to assist more people with few opportunities or resources.