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BRC partners with nonprofit organizations, large and small associations, schools, government agencies and the private sector to empower clientele and their constituents to be proactive and high performing. Using team experience, innovative methodology and media, BRC consultancy and media production services help clients achieve diverse goals. To assure effective and inclusive decision-making, we support organizations to accommodate needs of all members and empower them to be self-determined. With our tested and award-winning tools and trainings designed to include, connect and transform, we promote change that can be sustained by stakeholders and organizations themselves. All BRC services are highly visual, interactive and have helped organizations achieve measurable outcomes.

Based on more than 30 years experience in educational, advocacy and governance consulting, we provide an integrated, creative approach to the challenges people and organizations face in an evolving world economy.

BRC services include: workshops and training, development of learning tools and media designed to enable organizations to implement inclusion, increase connection and transform to meet new challenges and goals.