Our Team

The Board Resource Center Team consists of trainers, coaches, content specialists, designers, writers, and media production experts with professional experience working with diverse communities and accessible media. The team has a rich education and social services background that provides “state-of-the-art” services using modalities that empower, demonstrate and teach complexities using easy-to-understand methods and tools.

BRC’s creative team ensures clients’ needs are met with customized training products and outcomes. Development of training, curricular and informational media is strengthened by routine use of focus groups, field testing and data analysis to validate methods and utility designed to accommodate diverse audiences, readers and users.


Tammy EvrardTammy Evrard

is the BRC Project Coordinator with 20 years experience in the human service administration field. Her services concentrate on providing facilitation support and lending technical assistance to ensure projects meet outcomes. Tammy works directly with the BRC production team and coordinates with end users.

Tammy holds a Bachelors Degree in communication arts and business and has experience as a Community Living Specialist. She worked for 10 years as a Service Coordinator and Resource Developer for one of California’s 21 Regional Centers.


Charlene JonesCharlene Jones

teams with BRC to provide technical assistance on instructional tools and strategies for a broad range of users. She has experience as a disabilities service provider and administrator for more than 25 years. Charlene blends facilitation and training with production of written materials in accessible formats to support individuals to increase personal leadership and civic engagement. With a Masters Degree in special education, she specialized in integrated team work and co-authoring publications on facilitation services. She conducts statewide trainings using “consumer friendly” tools to support exercising rights and inclusion on governance boards with adapted informational materials.

Charlene joins BRC as co-writer and editor. She participates on numerous BRC curriculum and media projects.


Brian MarshBrian Marsh

is the BRC leadership coach advisor for BRC leadership projects. He provides strategies to the BRC team on how to support clients to manage goals and achieve desired outcomes.

Brian has a Fortune 500 corporate leadership background and is a practicing life coach, disease management specialist, consultant and speaker based in northern California. He holds an MBA and a Certified Coach credential. Brian developed and implemented a program that linked life coaching to measurable scientific and clinical outcomes for a northern California healthcare organization.

Brian’s contact information is: brian@brcenter.org .


Sharon FallisSharon Galloway

is a collaborator to many of BRC’s projects, using training and tools developed by BRC in her capacity as Project Coordinator at Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, UC Davis MIND Institute.

As a community inclusion specialist, she has worked since 1989 on behalf of people with complex challenges. Sharon developed and managed a unique parenting support program for parents and their children that provided independent living and early intervention services. Sharon holds a Bachelors Degree in organizational behavior and leadership with specialized training in organizational development and employee management. Sharon collaborates on community stakeholder efforts invested in advancing community living opportunities for marginalized people.


Marcia OrlandMarcia Orland

began her career as a film editor after spending 25 years in client relationship management in the financial services business sector. She launched her media production enterprise Afterglow Media as a mechanism to capture and tell stories that needed to be told — whether to inspire social change, or create awareness on behalf of individuals determined to better themselves.

As an expert in pre-production, production and post-production digital video technology, Marcia conducts interviews and creates customized media for BRC’s clients. Her years in client relations and more than fifteen years of video production lead Marcia’s ability to respond to diverse clientele by producing professionally crafted projects. Working with BRC gives Marcia opportunities to use her talents to inspire people through a multimedia story-telling approach that promotes social awareness and change. Contact Marcia


Leslie Ann LevineLeslie Ann Levine

is the BRC graphic designer, production artist and website developer. Leslie specializes in creating accessible websites with customized content management technology employing new industry techniques and easy-to-understand and use publications and interactive web applications. Leslie meets and complements BRC’s diverse client base.

Leslie began work as a typesetter and since then has advanced her expertise and expanded her professional tool kit to incorporate skillful utilization of Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and DreamWeaver. Client projects have included designing and typesetting film titles and designing and producing hotel literature for Hilton and Marriott.

Working with BRC gives Leslie opportunities to direct her passion for esthetically-pleasing design toward projects accessible to all people so they may utilize information and communicate with ease. Contact Leslie