Quick Information about the Board Resource Center


1) What services does BRC provide?
BRC uses its team experience, innovative methodology and media production services to assist clients in achieving their diverse goals. To assure effective and inclusive decision making, we also support organizations to accommodate needs of all members and empower them to be self-determined. BRC services include: custom designed workshops and training, development of learning tools and digital media designed to enable organizations to implement community inclusion, increase connections to their communities and transform practices to meet new challenges and goals.
2) What expertise does BRC offer?

BRC provides guidance to governance boards and their committees that transform leadership practices and increase responsive policy-making. BRC’s coaching and training areas focus on governance and leadership basics, effective meetings, financial oversight, resource development and advocacy.

BRC specializes in client-customized informational media and curricula using plain language, cognitive sequencing, graphic design, color and digital media. Our emphasis is on universal access and design for clients and their intended audiences or users.

3) Who uses BRC?
BRC partners with nonprofit organizations, large and small associations, schools, government agencies and the private sector to empower clientele and their constituents to be proactive and high performing.
4) What “innovative practices” (activities that are tested, successful and widely valued) does BRC promote when working with individuals, teams and organizations?

Our mission:

We seek to increase the capacity of individuals and organizations with diverse backgrounds and abilities to contribute to their communities.

Our emphasis:

We cultivate community relationships and utilize strategies that increase capacity and effectiveness.

Our approach:

We use strategic planning and innovative media to deliver solutions ranging from high level action plans to fully developed turnkey media and informational products.

Our work:

We apply facilitation and customized adapted tools designed to include individuals and motivate organizations to create their own pathways.


5) What do you mean by adapted materials and “plain” language?
BRC is directed by a person/user-centered commitment to making complex ideas simple. We examine the purpose, intended audience, user needs, experience and culture. Our process: plan, select content, organize, write, design, test, revise and re-test with emphasis on everyday easy to understand and use “plain language.”
6) What is facilitation?
Facilitation encompasses coaching organizations, groups and individuals to plan and develop creative strategies to express and direct their interests and mission. BRC provides facilitation to individuals on ways to carry out responsibilities as a member of a governance board and/or committee. BRC trains organizations on how to use facilitators and has created a detailed facilitation training curriculum available in the BRC Library.
7) Can BRC graphics, booklets and “plain language” approaches serve sophisticated purposes?
Information presented in accessible formats is the key to understanding for all, a universally sought outcome of all organizations, businesses and governments in pursuit of fulfilling their missions. Engaging materials are more memorable, and central to better understanding, applicability and implementation. Graphics and presentation formats are specially designed for each client and determined by the purpose of the consultation and end user.
8) What is BRC’s copyright policy?
BRC is committed to sharing PDF print copies and digital media with the public and organizations. BRC posts in the “Library Section” of this website samples of its presentations, publications and digital media. All BRC media may be downloaded — BUT — may not be changed or altered in any way from its original format. For further information, please e-mail us at info@brcenter.org.
9) How do I obtain copies of BRC’s print and digital materials?
To obtain copies of BRC publications developed for governmental agencies or organizations, please contact the agency directly. The publications and digital media identify the contracting agency/organization. BRC does not store any of the materials. You may view and download any material in the BRC Library.
10) Is BRC a part of a larger network that shares strategies and tools?
The BRC team and partners work closely with local and national advocacy groups, professional organizations and family associations. We team with state and federal agencies to ensure continuity and delivery of plain language tools that support good governance practices, individual access to community living and effective schools.
11) Who do I contact to discuss our organization’s needs and whether BRC is a good match?

Contact Mark Starford
Board Resource Center
PO Box 60-1477 Sacramento, CA 95860