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Leadership and Governance

BRC provides services to assure leaders are available, recruited and participating on governing boards, committees and councils. We recognize that community members with diverse abilities have had limited opportunities to participate in state and national leadership positions. Past experience has demonstrated that people not typically appointed to governing boards and committees may be poorly supported in their new role.

Ongoing assessment and resulting strategic planning are key roles for all governance boards. BRC services guide governance boards and their committees through this process.

BRC focuses on supporting organizations in transforming their leadership practices to increase responsive policy-making.

Key coaching and training areas focus on governance and leadership basics, effective meetings, quality services, financial oversight, resource development and advocacy. Attending to these core areas assures each board is high performing and creates policies reflective of the organization’s mission and public input.

BRC Training is designed to be experiential with the use of multi-media and group participation to ensure all members participate equally. Training sessions are co-presented by leaders with diverse abilities.

Typical outcomes include: Governance bodies have increased effectiveness working with people from various cultures, an environment where members are motivated to engage and take charge, increased knowledge of their role, incubator for future leaders and transform as required to increase responsive and strategic policy-making and organizational relevance. BRC inspires people and organizations to increase engagement around a vision and ability to work towards accomplishment.