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Organizational Development

BRC focuses on building capacity of organization leadership and program management teams to ensure services provided to communities are responsive and effective. We have particular expertise in the education and disability cultures with strategic planning, application and evaluation of services and programs.

BRC facilitates a process that increases team development, cohesiveness and accommodation, while maintaining focus on the organization’s end users.

We offer management and professional development training to enhance and build on existing skills and knowledge. Before BRC provides training workshops, strategies and informational materials for each client, we become familiar with each organization’s structure and responsibilities. Together with clients, we look at how to increase positive outcomes, and then provide practical support that translates to application.

Typical outcomes include: Nonprofit organizations are on the path of continuous improvement, where it is not considered an initiative or management project. A change strategy determined by research and reflection increases motivation, removes obstacles, and makes change easier. Culture transformation (shared beliefs, values, and behaviors) evolves through a strategic coaching process, custom tools and team engagement. BRC inspires people and organizations to increase work towards accomplishment and a shared vision.