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BRC and Partners

Engagement with our clients and their stakeholders is a key element of our formula. BRC promotes INCLUSION that enriches quality of life and informed decision making. We assist people to develop CONNECTIONS that increase community engagement and effective service delivery to TRANSFORM communities all of us live and work in.

Upcoming activities include:

• 5N5 online TV in development

• Project Hope

• Abuse Prevention Video

• CRPD call to action

• Statewide Advocacy Network website and strategy book



5N5 Internet TV Interview Show


5N5 Internet TV Interview Show

Quick and critical information with a call to action on issues that impact you and your families. Host Molly K. questions experts on issues important to financial survival, health and well-being everyone and their families’ future. Designed as a snappy interview format with an investigative theme and public service purpose. In five minutes the host poses five incisive questions to pull revealing answers from professionals and special interest expert witnesses.
Arrival: 2014




Project Hope


PROJECT HOPE – Advocating for people with mental health needs with intellectual disabilities


The website, videos and resources offer tools to guide and educate families and care providers seeking support for people they care for. Funded by the California Mental Health Services Act.
Completion date: Late 2013


Statewide Advocacy Network


Statewide Advocacy Network

Book describes an organizing model that promotes self-determination, practical learning, civic engagement and leadership by people who want to make a difference. It builds a vibrant outcome oriented membership that fosters community common cause activism and systems change. Managed and directed by and for individuals who historically have been overlooked or excluded from participation. The book, videos and website illustrate the architecture for an advocacy Network that builds coalitions with integrative activities in basic human rights and public interest policy.
Phase one completion: Late 2013
Phase two completion: Mid 2014


We Support CRPD

CRPD Call to Action video


In 2009 the U.S. signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). It is the first human rights treaty of the 21st century and first to address disability rights globally.

Disability and civil rights leaders, parents, and self-advocates are urging their U.S. Senators to support the treaty now. The U. S. International Council on Disabilities is encouraging people to contact their U. S. Senators. View the BRC newsletter for a direct link to resources and additional videos.
Completed: Late 2013

Abuse Prevention video

Abuse Prevention video

Self-advocate leaders in the disability field alert viewers to tragic events at residential facilities for persons with intellectual disabilities. This short video provides suggestions for persons with disabilities to take action to protect their selves and take action to protect others.
Completion: Late 2013