What We Believe

Human rights apply to all persons equally simply because they are human beings. All people should enjoy guaranteed equal opportunities for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

A cornerstone belief of BRC is that independent decision-making, alongside responsive person-centered service delivery and administration support, does enhance inclusion of all people in community life.

All people have a right to clear, understandable and accessible information on issues important to their lives and communities: health, legal rights, government activities, self-protection and consumer services.

What underscores this work is the inclusion of persons who rely on the human service system in the development and dissemination of all tools and training BRC develops that better assure their exercise of fundamental freedoms.

We are guided by these core principles:

  • Accountable and reflective nonprofit management
  • Flexible, creative and inclusive service delivery
  • Informed participation in governance groups and service teams

We empower individuals with diverse backgrounds and abilities to contribute to their communities while increasing the capacity of organizations to support individuals ready to contribute.