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Presentations, publications and digital media that demonstrates methods and show process and outcomes for greater connections for individuals, their families and organizations to increase agency-to-agency collaboration.

Connect Videos

Community Connections - Regional Center Advisory Committees (CAC, VAC, FAC)

Committee members talking about the importance of planning for work as an adult.

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Connect Publications

Community Conversations with Peoples with Disabilities

A book about the choices people make.

Community Service Inclusion

Assists individuals and advocacy groups interested in contributing to their communities.

From Conversations to Actions Using the IPP

Tips and success stories about utilizing California’s Individual Program Plan (IPP) process.

Facilitation Guide

A guide for facilitators who support people with developmental disabilities involved with advisory and policymaking boards.

Facilitation Tips

Ways to get support at meetings.

My Choice, My Future: Making Informed Choices

Booklet geared for users with disabilities who are in transition from high school to adult life.

Speaking for a Better Tomorrow

Guide to help individuals with developmental disabilities give a speech.

How I Want to Spend My Time: Making Informed Choices

Booklet geared for users with disabilities who are seeking adult services to support their futures.

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Feeling Safe, Being Safe

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Leadership through Personal Change

Thinking Ahead