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Presentations, publications and digital media to increase access to new ideas and resources that create natural community experience, employment, relationships, and collaborative partnerships. Tools to further the rights of individuals and families to participate in decision-making that affects their lives and determine for themselves how to contribute to their communities.

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Everybody Can Work

Learn how people with disabilities can find jobs, start small businesses and achieve successful employment. Six stories of people in their words who demonstrate "work is for all" with an interview with Cary Griffin, employment specialist about how to access communities and networks to find gainful employment.

My Life, My Way, Debbie's Story

The personal account of Debbie, who took greater control over her life after learning more about her basic human rights and rights to services and supports as a person with developmental disabilities. Debbie provides a path for anyone wanting greater choice and becoming a decision-maker.

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Families Creating a Vision and Building Inclusive Lives for their Children

For families who want to create visions that lead to inclusive lives for the children with developmental disabilities. Nick's and Brissa's families took bold moves to create a community life for their children. Learn how to build your own inclusion vision.

Self-Determination and Individual Program Plan Buddy System

This book helps persons with developmental disabilities learn about self-determination and take charge of their Individual Program Plan (IPP) meetings. Published by People First of California.

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